What Is A Framing Nailer?

In this article we are going to have a look a framing nail gun so that you may know what a framing nail gun is. It is not a buying guide but it is recommended to read it before proceeding to Framing Nailer Buying Guide article. This is because it more about what a nail gun is rather than what to look for when buying one. If you already know what a framing nailer is but to know what to look for in a quality framing nailer to our buyer’s guide here!

What Is A Framing Nail Gun

A framing nail gun is a power tool that performs the duty of hammer hammering nails. It is a better option to using a hammer to drive nails into hardboard, wood, or any surface you could be using a hammer on. A framing nailer is much faster, efficient and not as tiring as a hammer would. It is also a particular kind of nail gun because it is one type among many other we will share below. There are differences among nail guns depending on their specialty duties.

However, apart from duties they are similar in many respects and it may also be better to look at different types of nail guns before focusing into a framing nail gun.

Types Of Nail Guns

  • Brad Nailers
  • Finish Nailers
  • Framing Nailers

Framing nailers are generally the heavy duty of the nailing gun family, it is the big brother who handles most of the nailing to be done in projects. A framing can be used in a number of jobs like building a deck, fixing or building a roof, framing a house or installing wooden floors, remodeling, putting in a new door or window, etc. It can be used by professionals in contractor jobs or DIY projects like an handyman.

Now that you know what a framing nailer is, let us look at it in more detail for deeper understanding such that if you would want to buy one you would know exactly what you are talking about.

Power Source

A framing nailer can be powered in at least three ways – by air using an air compressor, gas using a gas fuel cannister or eletricity. When using electricity it can either use the mains or a rechargeable battery.

The nail gun can be cordless or corded. When it is cordless it would be using either a gas fuel cannister or battery for powering. A corded nailer would be using a hose to connect to the air compressor or an electic cord to connect to the mains.

Pneumatic Framing Nailer

A pneumatic framing nailer gun is powered an air compressor via a hose. This means all the time it is firing it should be connected to the air compressor. The air compressor should have higher specifications than the nail gun otherwise the nail gun will not work.

So this means when you buy a pneumatic framing nailer you should either have or buy an air compressor. And when you buy the air compressor be know the specifications of the framing nailer to buy the right air compressor that will fire up the gun.

What is also worth noting about pnuematic framing nail guns is that they are generally more powerful than the gas or electric one.

Cordless Framing Nailer

There are two cordelss framing nailers, gas powered one or battery powered one. A cordless framing nailer is highly portable as compared to a pneumatic or corded framing nailer. It is ideal for use in jobs where there is a lot of movement or light duty jobs.

Gas Framing Nalier

A gas framing nail gun uses a gas fuel cell for powering. It is generally more portable than a pneumatic unit and ideal for lighter jobs.

Battery Framing Nalier

A batery opereated framing nailer uses a rechargeable battering for powering and like the gas type, it is highly portable and is suitable for lighter jobs.

Electric Framing Nailer

An electirc framing nailer is either powered by a battery, see above, or by electricity from the mains. It is either corded or cordless.

Corded Framing Nailer

A corded framing nailer is a nailer that would have an extension to connect to the power source. An air hose for a pneumatic one or and electric cord for an eletric framing nailer. However, the synonym corded would normally refer to an electric one. A pneumatic framing nail gun is seldom refered to as corded.

Cordless Battery Powered Framing Nailer

A cordless battery framing nail gun is the the one discussed above. It is electric from the fact that it uses electricity from the battery. A nailer that uses a rechargeable battery is climbing the Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) bandwagon to replace gas powered units and for more portability and compatibility.

Framing Nailer Magazine Configuration

A framing nail gun fires nails to join two pieces of wood or board together. The nails it fires are loaded in a magazine that is either housed in a coiled or straight housing. The housing can also be used to categorize a nailer. You either have a coil framing nailer or a stick framing nailer.

Coil Framing Nailer

A coil framing nail gun has a round magazine that loads coiled nails joined by a wire weld. Generally a coil framer uses round head nails that are wire weld collated, as opposed to plastic or paper collated or clipped nails.

A nailer with coil orientation generally loads more nails than a stick nailer. This gives it an advantage over a stick one because you will not reload so often. However, it also means it is heavier than the stick one when fully loaded.

Stick Framing Nalier

A stick framing nail gun has a straight magazine that loads angled nails that can be full head or clipped. Further, the nailed may be collated using wire weld, plastic or paper. Again, the magazine orientation is varied between different angles. There are 21-, 28-, 30- and 34-degree framing nailers.

Or a stick framing nailer may also be classified according to the nails it loads. You will have Plastic Collated, Paper Tape or Wire Weld Framing Nailer. You also have Full Head or Round Head Framing Nailer or Clipped Head Framing Nailer.

So a stick framing nailer can be named 8 more different times. However, a full head framing nailer may also refer to a coil framing nailer because a full head nails are also used in a coil nailer.

Framing Nailer Magazine Configuration Or Angle

  • 21 Degree Framing Nailer
  • 28 Degree Framing Nailer
  • 30 Degree Framing Nailer
  • 34 Degree Framing Nailer

Framing Nailer Nail Head Types

  • Round Head Framing Nailer
  • Clipped Head Framing Nailer

Framing Nailer Nail Collation Types

  • Plastic Collated Framing Nailer
  • Paper Tape Framing Nailer
  • Wire Weld Framing Nailer

Trigger Mechanisms

Nail guns have 4 different trigger mechanisms namely Contact Trigger, Single Actuation Trigger, Single Sequential Trigger and Full Sequential Trigger. A trigger has a lot of bearing on safety though its main purpose is to fire a nail. Depending on the trigger type, a nailer can fire one nail at a time or multiple ones in succession. Some frame nailers adopt more than one trigger mechanisms such that you can switch between trigger mechanisms depending on your job.

  • Contact Trigger Nail Gun
  • Single Actuation Trigger Nail Gun
  • Single Sequential Trigger Gun
  • Full Sequential Trigger Gun

Other Aspects Of A Framing Gun

The above aspects would have taught you quite a bit about a framing nail gun but that is not all. There are other aspects that are worth knowing about a framing nailer. A nail gun has Depth of Drive, Anti-Jam Mechanism. You might want be aware of the nail head types because some framing nailers are nailer head specific and constration codes in your area maybe restrictive as to which nail head type to use. You would also want to be aware of the nail sizes you can use on your framing nailer.