Hitachi NR1890DC Cordless Framing Nailer Review

Hitachi NR1890DC 18V Cordless Brushless 3-1/2” Paper Strip Framing Nailer Review – The Hitachi NR1890DC 18V cordless paper strip framing nailer has been ranged one of the best tool in the market. For those who have used this tool can tell how great it works.

The design used is modern and unique. It is cordless and has no compressor which is known to make loud noise. The air spring drive system is unique and has a very high speed due to the compressed air that drives each nail.

Hitachi Battery Framing Nail Gun Pros

The quality of this paper strip framing nailer is of high standard that guarantees durability. Not forgetting the brushless motor which runs or operates for a long time per every charge. The battery used is powered by compact 3.0Ah lithium ion which is three quarter shorter and has a weight of 6lbs lighter than the 3.0Ah conventional battery.

The weight allows one to easily work with it for long without having arm fatigue. The gun drives an approximate number of 400 nails per every charge by the use of compact 3.0Ah battery. It is always important to observe safety and that’s why the Hitachi paper strip framing nailer is installed with a dry fire lock out system which helps to prevent the nailer from operating or driving when the fasteners are very low.

This electric framing nailer feels like a pneumatic gun which is strong and very fast when it comes to shooting out the nails. Remember the dirty hoses in the old framing nailer? Now you longer need it anymore because new technology design is observed.

The cordless framing nailer is designed to work in any type of construction that requires framing but mostly useful when it comes to punch out work which requires less professional results.

Hitachi NR1890DC Battery Framing Nailer Cons

Despite of the above great advantages this Hitachi 21 Degree Framing Nailer also have its downside. The gun is said to jam severally when using it, this according to the review left behind by some of the customers after purchasing and testing it. It is said that, not all nails would reason being, the nails had a warp at the nail entry.

Some of the customers also think that the design is not good for professional work. But all in all it can be used in repairing or in simple tasks at home. Unreliability was also noticed by a few customers and complained about it in their Hitachi cordless framing nailer review.

Hitachi 18v Review Video

Conclusion On Hitachi NR1890DC Cordless Brushless Framing Nailer

This Hitachi Framing Nailer might have a few problems but still the fact remains that it is a great gun and very light for anyone to use. The price that comes with it is affordable and worth this cordless framing gun. Everything has its own disadvantage but look at the positive side and decide what you are really looking for, it all depends with an individual’s preference.

Try Hitachi NR1890DC 18V cordless brushless 3-1/2” paper strip framing nailer and you will give a testimony of its good work. If you are looking for a gift to surprise your husband, choose this gun and make his work much easier during repairing of home.

Hitachi NR1890DC Reviews

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