Bostitch LPF33PT Framing Nailer Review

Bostitch LPF33PT 33-Degree Paper Tape Framing Nailer Review – This is a low profile framing nail gun designed with the best features that you ever find. It is suitable for professional project for example in a workshop. The weight is great and it gives no problems or issues. This Bostitch paper tape framing nailer has been updated to the new or emerged technology. Durability and quality is guaranteed to the user.

The weight of this Bostitch framing nailer is great though not the lightest, it can still be categorized as a light gun that does not cause any arm fatigue after using it for long. The product is certified showing that it is perfect for use and can work any time of a project.

Have you been searching for the best framing nailer to buy in 2021 that will not disappoint you? This is the perfect and the most preferred gun by many customers. The features that comes with the Bostitch low profile framing nailer enables the user to comfortably use it without any disappointment.

The manufactures guarantee the users of this framing nailer a 7-year manufacture warranty and a one-year warranty in production applications. The gun is not powered by any battery so when purchasing do not expect any.

It is a strong and powerful framing nailer from Bostitch that drives the nails with ease and also it does not jam that easily. The gun is mostly used for framing purpose or applications.

BOSTITCH LPF33PT 33-Degree Paper Tape Framing Nailer Features

  • It has weight of 7.6 pounds, a dimension of 21.4 by12.8 by 5.4 inches
  • The weight is light compared to other competitors
  • It has a last nail retention magnet that prevents the last nails from falling out
  • An adjustable hook that allows both hands become free
  • A tool free trigger use to switch between multi drive and single drive mode
  • 30-degree magazine paper collated framing nailer
  • It is very powerful enabling drive of nails in to the engineered lumber

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BOSTITCH LPF33PT Paper Tape Framing Nailer Pros

Most of the clients find this gun to be good and perfect. It is very hard for it to jam or have blank shots unless it is empty. The weight is great to for the user. It is time saving since you will not keep on clearing it in case it jams.

It also uses less expenses during maintenance. The magazine is smooth and of quality, it has an internal filter that prevents any contamination from getting to the engine. If the engine gets damaged the whole gun will be of no function. Make sure to maintain it well and keep it in a place where it is not dusty.

Bostitch LPF33PT Round Head Framing Nailer Review

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Conclusion On BOSTITCH LPF33PT Pneumatic Framing Nailer

If you get a chance to use Bostitch LPF33PT Round Head Framing Nailer you will prove what other users believe in concerning this framing nailer. The greatness in it is only experienced by those who have used it. It is perfect for professional use in case you own a work shop.

May be you are planning to repair or improve your home, this is the best framing nailer to purchase. Although there could be a few downside of the BOSTITCH LPF33PT, the bigger percentage is the advantages and the good features it has.

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It uses offset full head nails that are 2-inch to 3.25 inch in size. It weighs 7.2lbs with a compact design such that it can fit between 16 inch o.c. studs, joists and roof trusses. It comes with a utility hook that makes it easy to rotate for work belt or rafter placement.

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