About Us

Hi, my name is Kayle. I am not much of a roofer but often do DIY work. I took some time learning about framing nailers because I wanted one as a homeowner. After I learned a bit about them I thought it would be wise to share the information with you.

I figured there will be people like me looking for information like I did and what no better way of starting here than anywhere else. So the information here is based on my research, wanting to know more about framing nailers and what information I needed or was looking for when I wanted to buy one.

It would give you basic knowledge enough to help you buy with an informed decision. With this information you can at least ask the right questions before your purchase.

However, that is not all. I also learnt that I can recommend some product and get compensated when a purchase results. So I went a bit further by listing some recommendations and writing more about some framing nailers especially from leading brands and popular ones.

So as a disclaimer please note that as you read this content there will product recommendations by way of referral links which when you click may take you to a merchant site selling that particular product. If purchase, that purchase may result in us getting a commission.

This is not to say the product will cost more, no! It will cost the same as when you could have arrived at the merchant site any other way. In fact we might have even helped you locate a store that sells the product at a cheaper price or offering some benefits like free shipping, discount coupons, extended warranties, etc.

So, despite the incentive, I have tried my level best to write with the incentive part out of my mind so that I may not be biased in my recommendations. As a reader, I also encourage you to do due diligence and research more if in doubt or have not yet made enough research on the product.

With that said, I thank you for dropping by and hopefully you find information here useful. Thank you.